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Commit Log

Release 0.0.105 ADDEDB7
Render full article in home page feed 1F7CD64
Release 0.0.104 8A4303D
Add webint-cache 069EE1E
Release 0.0.103 97EA421
Use callbacks for script injection C349134
Release 0.0.102 0DED17F
Display protected posts at 75% opacity in feed E815942
Make script injection synchronous D7AA93A
Release 0.0.101 CE345C6
Fix photo sizing D903579
Fix script load/injection order 4DEE4F2
Release 0.0.100 39C33C3
Limit number of posts on homepage to 10 B04FC82
Release 0.0.99 DF76BDB
Leave cookie js in head on load DF18B30
Release 0.0.98 E00DEB7
Lazy load remaining scripts 6BDF4ED
Make video chat and dictation download on demand 429E509
Remove asciinema reference 049D46F
Release 0.0.97 9B56373
Reorder contact addresses in site header D5C7FC6
Release 0.0.96 75CC2F6
Make remote third party homepage static assets local BD17073
Fix javascript import A5D3453
Lint javascript 09A00D2
Add minimal package.json for linting A701FAE
Release 0.0.95 0E2C1CB
Make color mode and dictation icons appear only when JS is enabled D2DF1C6
Simplify insertion of "Join Room" button 8F63DF5
Make "Join Room" appear only when JS is enabled 27DBF34
Release 0.0.94 C4100F5
Fix cookie library reference 5048CB1
Add javascript linter configuration ED622B8
Add dark/light color mode 1AAEF86
Fix microphone and partial text display during voice input 3716AA3
Make ghost reset immediately after following a link 6AA39DF
Move raw CC SVGs into site template for styling 7A38236
Add solarized color palette to style guide B88901E
Make inputs and textareas use Ubuntu Mono 365F21A
Fix keybindings for showing the guide 0083409
Fix stylesheet syntax formatting 4937B2D
Fix form styling 57DB296
Add "Uses" to site navigation A11372B
Release 0.0.93 02ADCF8
Add submit button to style guide 553B175
Add a cursory style guide D1EEA33
Make submit buttons green and bounding labels blocks 184666E
Use "guide" instead of "help" for the actual resource C8A5FB7
Release 0.0.92 05E7CA1
Seed drag and dropped file over webtorrent C7931ED
Simplify and optimize konami code EDD148E
Fix video chat name 5415DA9
Release 0.0.91 A1ABF80
Add cursory help page detailing bindings A807A5C
Change rhythm indicator to use alt modifier 7F6749F
Add noscript message for users with JavaScript disabled F67D2B7
Bind q to focus query input 8E415EB
Ignore keybindings when input or textarea is focused A0ABAD7
Bind d and r to window close and reload B20D2C1
Add null konami code 0E307A9
Replace repetitive if blocks with switch blocks 1775B0A
Add voice dictated query to input element B0A7290
Ignore shift during link follow B8EE164
Move javascript out of site template into static asset 7B74AC4
Organize site mode keyboard bindings 3921D00
Add hjkl placeholder keybindings for room mode EE12E01
Prevent modifiers from interfering with keyboard link follows 5E0FDD0
Fix escape during keyboard link follow 8192850
Add rel=home to home page link 57721E5
Add keybindings for page up/down and scroll to top/bottom 21295FB
Change previous and next keyboard bindings 4C96E39
Add go home as keyboard binding 12A3D99
Abstract bindings for site help and add for keyboard A344642
Fix site license language formatting 04A2271
Abstract assistive nav tools and introduce mode F6A092B
Make keyboard based follow links use home row keys 61D096C
Add site license language to icons' title 89EB2D0
Clean up license and "powered by" links in footer 787F03C
Add "Help" link to query quadrant C889C6A
Make follow link overlays more compact and identifiable ED4921B
Bind previous and next links to [ and ] 8580157
Release 0.0.90 0A4C40B
Streamline frontend and incorporate alternative interfaces EC0C085
Clean up query navigation 3B0F7DC
Tighten whitespace in navigation A00F213
Move "Enter Room" on right to "Join Room" on left F88A157
Fix TODO comments on key bindings 7A58B1D
Add key bindings for h, j, k, l, w, a, s, d 18914F1
Move system link to footer and remove license language 9BC2C49
Reduce body margins B493925
Fix body margins A142F4F
Use US version of "license" in README 1C64166
Add wording to accompany CC license in footer 195300D
Release 0.0.89 2956E38
Fix h-card photo flicker 656CD24
Remove loading indicator 5AD733F
Release 0.0.88 84529EF
Add CC-BY-NC-SA license to site footer D977A22
Fix heading line height 2C5943A
Clean up site template scripts C2608F0
Release 0.0.87 81059FD
Reorder site template scripts 9BB4A2F
Release 0.0.86 49DADFF
Style fixes 713121D
Release 0.0.85 3142AAA
Fix breadcrumb and header display 678D8AD
Release 0.0.84 04E174E
Move render_breadcrumbs to webint and prepare for spaification 533C179
Prepare aside for spaification 8649A03
Release 0.0.83 B3C8656
Assume precomputed aside A009F68
Release 0.0.82 282C134
Cleanup README 45CF620
Release 0.0.81 7A6D09B
Release 0.0.80 EA8E383
Simplify code block in README 0BE404C
Add syntax highlighting to README 31A102C
Simplify README C57A84A
Change weight of typeface attribution A6AACA6
Use em dashes in typeface attribution F5525BF
Lighten typeface attribution FD33C78
Clean up typeface attribution 8B84F7D
Change Try to Usage 54CD186
Add project summary and usage to README C97D325
Add workflow 58561D0
Add null test 2D59E80
Release 0.0.79 6AE4CF5
Work on header and buttons DBB0485
Release 0.0.78 15D8A94
Reorder home page identifiers 5B8CB89
Release 0.0.77 7E05FE8
Prefix homepage card domains with @ 09F6E1E
Release 0.0.76 9B01478
Fix home page identifier style FC303A4
Release 0.0.75 57F2BF5
Fix photo conflict with mediasoup CSS D71B279
Release 0.0.74 D868342
Fix photo conflict with mediasoup CSS 9AC0EC9
Release 0.0.73 13595D3
Add identifiers to home page h-card 54DBDFC
Release 0.0.72 758561E
Fix assistant wake word AC51516
Release 0.0.71 E4E1844
Clean up homepage 1A2B5B4
Release 0.0.70 7A62C5A
Add Now link ACE77F4
Release 0.0.69 AF86D36
Release 0.0.68 302E065
Add photo to homepage h-card and make whitespace uniform 7E35448
Change yes color on RSVPs FE08544
Change maybe color on RSVPs 5EEC154
Remove system from list of apps EA614C3
Release 0.0.67 FCB02B5
Make name smaller, solarize form controls, rename buttons 22F65D3
Release 0.0.66 6F8E319
Remove background color from homepage entries FA92092
Release 0.0.65 7905FA7
Fix syntax in RSVP color 987FB29
Release 0.0.64 FCADCA1
Bootstrap 0F7BB37