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Commit Log

Release 0.0.71 3E49369
Release 0.0.70 30C23F3
Handle missing/broken versions gracefully 9900771
Release 0.0.69 A9F5F98
Fix release post upgrade 1545C62
Release 0.0.68 E45ED4D
Upgrade release post from note to article and include changes 1480EC2
Add eslintrc files to ignorable_files E076448
Release 0.0.67 4CBC48B
Fix issue page 92D52EB
Release 0.0.66 6D3995C
Introduce issue posts 5B0275B
Remove incorrect semantics from breadcrumbs on commit log 578FA3B
Enhance commit log; copy hash and permalink published B24ED94
Release 0.0.65 0970E2F
Tighten up project commit page E721799
Tighten up project commit log 0A9F5C5
Rename workflow to analyze.yml 0C29F0D
Release 0.0.64 118545A
Fix solarization of dependency graph during CI 2994141
Release 0.0.63 120D733
Release 0.0.62 6CA8912
Release 0.0.61 73C9284
Solarize dependency graph during CI F1D621D
Fix empty aside on blank project page A5CAFAF
Fix null case of zero files B079E44
Fix null case of zero commits 67D6542
Add `
` in between README and API on project
Release 0.0.60 BE00E2D
Fix template variable for adding semantics to article C177A99
Release 0.0.59 8B1AAF6
Use non-property repo log method F984E73
Simplify release post content D7B3A21
Release 0.0.58 AC4B276
Release 0.0.57 A445399
Add arrows for prev/next on release page 6B1127C
Release 0.0.56 6EBC20C
Show related commits on project release page 92EE043
Use non-property log() method on repos AA176AD
Release 0.0.55 3956D4E
Remove extraneous whitespace D5F8F21
Release 0.0.54 374AD7C
Remove entry point site spawning CBC0179
Release 0.0.53 B7E4B5F
Precompute aside on project index 3793B96
Release 0.0.52 DC5D31C
Clean up project index 71F7606
Release 0.0.51 6FC02E6
Reorganize project index 1404E8A
Release 0.0.50 E3E2D6E
Fix releases on project index B45DBA2
Release 0.0.49 CC9C076
Abstract out release history and cleanup template globals 5BFFAF5
Release 0.0.48 6E8543E
Clean up git URL and commit/release display 59C17D6
Clean up git url display/copy 8CF2853
Release 0.0.47 A7D2DEC
Fix git clone URL A9F930E
Release 0.0.46 A0FD83F
Clean up files listing and add more commits to project index E0F6692
Release 0.0.45 207965E
Fix stylesheet URL 589C00D
Release 0.0.44 E4C2ECE
Add stylesheet for syntax highlighting to project index 55CA9F8
Release 0.0.43 EEF5D1D
Simplify project index 22B1E0D
Release 0.0.42 6B88B96
Promote file listing and move tests, commits and results to aside 5BA34AB
Release 0.0.41 1F15D16
Fix horizonal rule around README on project index 7324D45
Fix template error on project index FE968E0
Release 0.0.40 7904471
Demote license and entry points on project index 68EF5CB
Release 0.0.39 15AEA00
Remove redundant permalink in release content DC4C55D
Add basic microformats to release pages 8F67392
Abstract PyPI upload type 2BB4FC3
Release 0.0.38 C77EEBC
Fix test results summary 582953B
Release 0.0.37 F0D3E6C
Fix test results summary BED39C7
Release 0.0.36 013ABD5
Enrich release post linkage BC6BF86
Clean up test results summary 688F0AB
Add links to signatures on PyPI project page C022CA3
Release 0.0.35 A486F66
Remove unnecessary nginx restart 877B8A8
Remove old working_dir code F2286B6
Release 0.0.34 A4C8AF2
Make release posts public 76011A3
Release 0.0.33 61A907D
Clean up release post 901F2DD
Release 0.0.32 EB218EB
Clean up release post 528FE25
Put keywords beneath description on project page 5F31F91
Release 0.0.31 C886881
Fix release rendering when package has a dash 58B5E20
Release 0.0.30 1793D4B
Fix release rendering when package has a dash DD21BF1
Release 0.0.29 5EFB896
Fix release post DDED0EC
Fix signature upload 0CD5374
Release 0.0.28 81E78D9
Fix references to code_dir A08422C
Remove unused system/update controllers 66DD5D3
Add signature upload 30E4234
Fix presentation of ignorable files 725FBA9
Add pyright and tests AC3EE44
Update pyproject A2265A8
Release 0.0.27 8E00EB4
Remove redundant project keyword 89B6353
Demote .github directory in project listing BD47263
Bootstrap 9F85BD1