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canopy 0.0.94

Fix cookie library reference 3 months ago

Add javascript linter configuration 3 months ago

Add dark/light color mode 3 months ago

Fix microphone and partial text display during voice input 3 months ago

Make ghost reset immediately after following a link 3 months ago

Move raw CC SVGs into site template for styling 3 months ago

Add solarized color palette to style guide 3 months ago

Make inputs and textareas use Ubuntu Mono 3 months ago

Fix keybindings for showing the guide 3 months ago

Fix stylesheet syntax formatting - Indent to two spaces instead of four - Place trailing curly brace on its own line 3 months ago

Fix form styling - Input/textarea borders are uniform - Color border of focused elements - Textarea is 100% width - Buttons are right aligned - Secondary submit buttons are orange 3 months ago

Add "Uses" to site navigation 3 months ago