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Tim Dundon

bearded old man leaning on a tree trunk with a chicken standing on the tree and cactus in the background

a.k.a. Zeke the Sheik; Zeke the Magic and Meek Cosmic Sheik from Cripple Creek Peak and the Planet Bleak; The Guru of Doo Doo, The Sodfather

Tim Dundon, ‘Guru of Doo Doo,’ whose compost nourished Altadena’s gardens, dies at 77 August 6, 2019
The pile is my baby. This is the tower of power, that makes people behind Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, quiver and cower, ‘cause it generates the power that makes a flower.
Episode 51: Cosmic Consciousness & Compost, Esotouric Bus Adventures February 3, 2014
Interview with Tim
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The Royal Soil . . . Wrapped in Foil March 6, 2007
Interview with Tim
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Compost Crusader February 5, 2001
This is my monument to Mother Earth that shows waste can be converted into something that restores life.
Zeke’s Heap : Altadena Man’s 30-Foot-High Compost Pile Raises a Stink LA Times March 9, 1990
This is the key of energy that will eventually set mankind free from misery and gravity.
I’ve built the most powerful machine around. It’s called Nature. What could be more perfect?
Found Guilty in Dope Case Despite ‘Hilarious’ Trial : Zeke’s Week Was Bleak; Alter Ego Up the Creek LA Times March 24, 1985
I’m the politician for which you all have been wishing ever since I had the vision that my mission was to end the great second Prohibition and to form the coalition for the abolition of nuclear fission and, in addition, to wipe out malnutrition. Because this all put me under a great deal of suspicion, I made the decision to make the transition to become a politician.
The marijuana was merely the nurse that would reimburse my purse and allow me to throw your whole universe into reverse and make things get better instead of worse.
I guess I’m just the sage who was too much of an outrage for the stage because he had the message that through the proper usage of the sewage, garbage and foliage, we can really turn the page on a new and more abundant golden age.
I’m the stout devout who was here about but they wouldn’t let me go my route so I just had to hang out and more or less pout. But now I’m going to go out and show them how to knock out the drought.

Zeke's 2003 homepage contained e-mail, phone, fax and ICQ. It also had a welcome sign, animated gif, popup window, mailing list, discussion forum and disabled "shopping" tab.

Zeke marched in Pasadena’s Doo-Dah Parade with his pet yam.

Google Maps Satellite View of Tim's House

Tim Dundon, Compost Wizard, and His Rooster Elvis Michael Weschler