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Posts v Pages

Posts, at once. Pages, evermore.

A typical post permalink contains some date information (e.g. /2023/07/19/kt). The text slug can be speakable (e.g. /2023/07/19/creative-post-title).

An additional undated permalink (e.g. /fnord) can be given to a post for easier typing/speaking.

If an undated permalink is given to a post that also changes significantly that post should be considered a page.


  • publish to main "/" feed

  • zero to few minor updates

  • major updates can be made via

    • insertions/deletions

    • append to post

    • create a new post and link back either in the e-content or as a u-in-reply-to

  • content is "pressed" at publish, informed by past events

  • implied that the content will not significantly change according to recent events


  • publish creation to main "/" feed

  • publish committed updates to "/updated" feed

  • publish feed of appends to updated or of its individual changesets

    • WebSub subscription of etherpad changesets to propagate to remote etherpads?

  • many minor to major updates

  • content is "gardened" every update, informed by recent events each time returning to old pages is encouraged

Each update is added to updated.

Etherpad stores a fine-grained change history.