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Commit Log

Release 0.0.26 6470C98
Add preliminary cache support 1245BD0
Release 0.0.25 65B156F
Bump typesense F8D1D7C
Release 0.0.24 4630C52
Hide web results from non-owner users 216B424
Release 0.0.23 DEE727B
Make AP summary optional in profile preview 59A72E0
Dedent profile preview code 726E3E8
Release 0.0.22 3482202
Add support for preferredUsername in AP preview 340E31E
Release 0.0.21 671F66C
Add Python docs and remove Twitter from promoted results 9D1FA93
Use re to strip suffixes from promoted results 4AA9354
Remove redundant search input, populate outer template 867CC8D
Redirect null search to index 28E1AA1
Release 0.0.20 F0FF93B
Fix initial download of wordnet module 9C2989C
Update pyproject 08AD9BE
Release 0.0.19 499CFE0
Add unit conversion 6465ADE
Release 0.0.18 FABA1F2
Recover from repo crash 2CCCBDC