Angelo Gladding
Hacker for right homesteading an independent web.

webint 0.1.74

an opinionated web framework that stays out of your way

Licensed: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 or later

Provides: scripts ( web )

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How to Use

Initialize a Project

poetry init

Install Webint

poetry add webint

Create Your Website

poetry run web scaffold

Run Your Website

poetry run web run 9999

Open Your Website

open http://localhost:9999

Modify Your Website


Deploy Your Website

On a Cloud Server Only

On a Home Server Through a Cloud Server (For TLS Termination)

On a Home Server Only (Via Tor)


Tools for a metamodern web environment.

monkey, mf, dns

19 LLOC, highly maintainable

Package: webint @

Requires: python >=3.10,<3.11, PySide6, Pygments, Unidecode, acme‍-‍tiny, bgq, cryptography, dnspython, easyuri, emoji, gevent, gunicorn, jsonpatch, microformats, newmath, pendulum, pillow, pycryptodome, pynacl, python‍-‍dotenv, python‍-‍whois, regex, restrictedpython, semver, sqlyte, toml, txtint, waitress, watchdog, webagt


 git clone

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