webint 0.0.566

an opinionated web framework that stays out of your way

Provides: webapps ( jobs ) scripts ( web )


Tools for a metamodern web environment.


7 LLOC, highly maintainable

Package: webint @https://ragt.ag/code/pypi

Requires: python >=3.10,<3.11, Pygments, Unidecode, acme‍-‍tiny, certifi, cssselect, dnspython, easyuri, emoji, gevent, gunicorn, httpagentparser, jsonpatch, lxml, microformats, mimeparse, newmath, pendulum, pycryptodome, pyscreenshot, pyvirtualdisplay, regex, requests, restrictedpython, selenium, semver, sqlyte, toml, txtint, waitress, watchdog, webcli, webdriver‍-‍manager


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Licensed: BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License

 git clone https://ragt.ag/code/projects/webint.git

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