python-microformats 0.0.21

tools for Microformats production, consumption and analysis IndieWeb, Microformats

Provides: scripts ( mf )


[Microformats][0] utilities.

lxml, mf2py, easyuri, requests

159 LLOC, highly maintainable

parse(doc=None, url=None, user_agent=None)

Return a dictionary containing the mf2json of the HTML document doc.

representative_card(mf2json: dict, source_url: str)

Return the representative card for given parsed document.

representative_feed(mf2json: dict, source_url: str, source_dom)

Return the representative feed for given parsed document.


Return the discovered post type.

Package: microformats @

Requires: python >=3.10,<3.11, easyuri, lxml, mf2py, mf2util, requests, txtint


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Licensed: BSD Zero Clause License

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