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Chinese military attacks US companies; DoJ issues arrest warrants.

Originally released 2016. See Operation Aurora (2009).

If the Google hack and others like it are state sponsored that means the Chinese government is brashly stealing American intellectual property with one hand while making new trade deals with the other.


It was the first time a security firm had publicly pointed to not just to China but to a very specific unit of the PLA., Cyber Security Reporter, The New York Times 09:09

Shanghai, China PLA 61398 responsible for thousands of attacks.

The thing you have to understand about Chinese companies ... is that there's a corner office somewhere where there's a Communist Party representative. So the Communist Party is never far away from any Chinese company. There is always a connection to the government.

Melissa Chan, Former China Correspondent, Al Jazeera English 10:40

Today we are announcing an indictment against five officers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army for serious cyber security breaches against six American victim companies. These represent the first ever charges against known state actors for infiltrating United States commercial targets.

Eric Holder, Attorney General (May 19, 2014) 13:44

But they are wearing PLA member uniforms. If this is a nation state attack why single out individuals?

We're not charging a country for generically doing something bad. We're proving up specific facts against particular people by name, by date, here is what they did. So in this case we were able to figure out the name and the face behind the keyboard.

And the reason why our companies are getting hammered day in and day out by this type of theft is because the people behind the keyboard think they're anonymous. And these charges show "you are not". And the fact is just because you're wearing a uniform shouldn't give you a free pass when you commit that same type of theft.

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice 15:00