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Commit Log

Release 0.0.11 2E2F19F
Fix app directory listing and order alphabetically E1F43F5
Release 0.0.10 F4DA11E
Add dummy line for remote cat B9E81D5
Release 0.0.9 0E60950
Fix webcfg editor formatting DB5DA4C
Release 0.0.8 ECD72EA
Fix webcfg formatting and add submit button 9596F2A
Release 0.0.7 ABC70DC
Add site configuration 20833A4
Release 0.0.6 D0C57EA
Fix formatting and relative URLs on site index 36E6478
Release 0.0.5 DDF7A3F
Allow spawn of specified package/app 071F244
Add package and app to list of machines 3F0AA3C
Precompile aside 5BF94DD
Release 0.0.4 E22E733
Change gaea to admin on machine page ADD1741
Finish setup during bootstrap 9D9ACF5
Stash machine bootstrap secret in database 8F85033
Release 0.0.3 1D3CE6E
Allow for creation of site using any package BEF0152
Add null test EF6021E
Add poetry.lock to .gitignore for act D6E5F87
Bootstrap 3CD93F6