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Commit Log

Release 0.0.16 3CABBE7
Release 0.0.15 46C9AD3
Remove ActivityPub inbox 90BEE00
Release 0.0.14 92D8251
Log headers of inbox requests 18DA1B3
Release 0.0.13 B367770
Fix inbox parsing FAE8F95
Release 0.0.12 470CCD8
Expect raw JSON from POST to inbox C198FD1
Add docstring to root F21CEEA
Add ActivityPub to pyproject keywords B58C844
Release 0.0.11 30D4547
Stub an ActivityPub inbox 7BFBEFE
Restructure pyproject.toml F4544FC
Make python version specifier consistent 19E5EFC
Bootstrap BE5D9EF