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 """Tools for metamodern text interfaces."""
-# TODO framework (argparse/argcomplete, ncurses) & agent (sh) like `web`
-# TODO dotdir config files
 # TODO pager w/ hjkl, [shift+]space, ctrl+[b|f], tab through links (web/mail),
 #      mouse scroll & click on links
-# TODO constrain help to TTY_WIDTH
-# TODO show detailed people information (update `pkg` to include `git`)
-#      TODO perform enhanced Git interrogation in `pkg` using `git`
-# TODO show documentation link in printed help
-# TODO set WEBHELP to automatically open help in WEBAGENT
-# TODO set MAILHELP to automatically open personal request for help in
-#      MAILAGENT automatically signs the e-mail and pays it forward with
-#      a BTC that serves as initial compenstation as well as
-#      receipt confirmation
 import argparse
 import inspect