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canopy 0.0.90

Streamline frontend and incorporate alternative interfaces - Make microphone icon color change with status - Implement voice commands behind "ghost" wake word - query for - go [home|back|forward] - follow - tell me - Add "follow links" functionality a la Vimium (only behind voice) - Modernize javascript - Combine scripts under single `type=module` - Combine load hooks - Combine key bindings - Move all stylesheets and scripts to head 6 months ago

Clean up query navigation - Make all form controls 2d - Remove query button entirely - Change "Listen for Queries" to microphone icon - Move dictation text out of query input and make small and orange 6 months ago

Tighten whitespace in navigation 6 months ago

Move "Enter Room" on right to "Join Room" on left 6 months ago

Fix TODO comments on key bindings 6 months ago

Add key bindings for `h, j, k, l, w, a, s, d` 6 months ago

Move system link to footer and remove license language System link text changes from a Fleuron dingbat to "powered by canopy". 6 months ago

Reduce body margins 6 months ago

Fix body margins 6 months ago

Use US version of "license" in README 6 months ago

Add wording to accompany CC license in footer 6 months ago