webcli 0.0.2

a web client

Provides: scripts ( webcli )


A web client.

lxml, expected_conditions, selenium, sqlyte, webdriver, requests, mf, pyscreenshot, pyvirtualdisplay

351 LLOC, highly maintainable

post(url, **kwargs)

Post to the web.

get(url, **kwargs)

Get from the web.

put(url, **kwargs)

Put to the web.

delete(url, **kwargs)

Delete from the web.

download(url, filepath, chunk_size=1024)

Download url to filepath.


Return a document object for given html.

get(url, **kwargs)

Get from the web.

post(url, **kwargs)

Post to the web.

Package: webcli @https://ragt.ag/code/pypi

Requires: python >=3.10,<3.11, certifi, cssselect, easyuri, httpagentparser, lxml, microformats, mimeparse, pendulum, pyscreenshot, pyvirtualdisplay, requests, selenium, sqlyte, txtint, webdriver‍-‍manager


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Licensed: BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License

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