python-indieauth 0.0.11

utilities for implementing IndieAuth clients and servers IndieWeb, IndieAuth

Provides: scripts ( indieauth )


Utilities for implementing IndieAuth clients and servers.

txt, webcli

131 LLOC, highly maintainable

canonicalize_user(user_url: str) -> easyuri.URI

Return the canonicalized form of user's URL.

discover_user(user_url: easyuri.URI, session: dict) -> easyuri.URI

Return the authorization_endpoint for given user_url.

initiate_signin(client_id: easyuri.URI, redirect_uri: easyuri.URI, user_url: easyuri.URI, scopes: list, session: dict) -> easyuri.URI

Return a URL to initiate IndieAuth sign-in at client_id for user_url.

discover_client(client_id: easyuri.URI) -> dict

Return details of client found at client_id.

complete_signin(redirect_uri: easyuri.URI, state, code) -> easyuri.URI

Return redirect_uri with state and code parameters added.

redeem_code(state: str, code: str, session: dict, flow: str = 'profile') -> dict

Return authorization response after redeeming code at endpoint found in session.

validate_redemption(request: dict, authorization: dict, owner: dict, flow: str = 'profile') -> dict

Return authorization response after validating code redemption.


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Requires: python >=3.10,<3.11, pycryptodome, txtint, webcli


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Licensed: BSD Zero Clause License

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